My Story

The Pantri Box emerged through a tidal wave of overconsumption.. Too many flights, too many clothes, too much waste and generally too little contemplation made for a cluttered head and muddled heart.

And so in 2017 I decided to pare everything down and live a bit more simply. Think about where things came from. And where they went.

Plastic was a major issue for me. As it is for so many. So I decided I needed to open my own little zero waste shop to help reduce my own footprint. And so I did. In a tiny little horse box. It was great fun! And now we're in a lovely little shop. Helping more people in the area reduce their waste.

The Pantri Box is a CIC not for-profit company. So all the money is currently going into growing the business. And making it as nice and welcoming, and useful for the local community as possible. It's a slow burner... because I'm not terribly organised... but we're getting there!

Eventually, any profits will be invested in community-led environmentally focussed projects. That's the bit I'm really looking forward to!

But for now The Pantri Box is here to help you, as it helps me;

  • Reduce your plastic and waste

  • Eat more organically

  • Make more considerate and ethical consumer choices

It's almost impossible to be 100% zero waste. It's a tricky and somewhat off putting term. I know I'm certainly not there yet. But trying, where you can, promotes trying. And before you know it you're making a difference. Just remember, that doing something is better than nothing.

And Less is Plenty.