• Moroccan spearmint- Piccolo’s Moroccan mint is a compact variety of mint that can be used to flavour food, make tea or add scent to your patio. 
  • Thai basil- Piccolo’s Thai basil is a spicy, anise-liquorice flavoured basil, which is also known as horapa in the Thai language.  
  • Jalapeno- Piccolo’s jalapeno chilli is commonly used in cooking to provide a kick of heat. They are usually eaten at the green stage although they can be allowed to ripen and turn red to produce sweeter tasting fruit.  
  • Wasabi- Piccolo’s wasabi/wildfire is a perennial variety of wild rocket. Its deep green colour makes it an attractive garnish for any dish. It has a wasabi like taste and can be picked in succession.  
  • Blue pepe- Piccolo’s Nasturtium blue pepe has wonderful steel-blue leaves with a purplish underside. The bright flowers are also edible and can be a great garnish for stir fries. 
  • Lavender- Piccolo’s lavender is a perennial flowering plant with bluish-purple flowers and aromatic grey-green leaves. It is widely used in cooking as a condiment for soups, salads and stews. It has a aromatic flavour and can also be used to make essential oils.

Piccolo Seeds